Signs of Depression

Depression is a serious thing. The number of people who have taken their own life because of depression continues to rise.

The number is increasingly alarming. So, it is important to know the cardinal signs of depression to manage it the earliest time possible.

A person suffering from depression may demonstrate the following symptoms:

Hopelessness and Helplessness

a person suffering from depression feels like there is no hope in his/her life. She/he feels helpless even in simple situations. It feels like no matter what he/she does, there is nothing that can improve the situation.

Loss of Interest

The person no longer want to take part in various activities, be it in personal and social activities. The feeling of withdrawal from everything that used to make you smile is evident.

Loss of Energy

You don’t feel the energy and the drive to complete a certain task; even the simplest task. You easily get tired and physically drained. If you happen to engage in some activities, you would take so much time to complete them because of exhaustion.


You tend to criticize yourself for your mistakes. It seems like you don’t value yourself anymore. You blame yourself for things and situations you have no control over.

Poor Memory and Concentration

you have a problem with concentration, which would eventually affect your ability to make sound judgment and decisions. Poor concentration would eventually lead to withdrawal.

Changes in Sleep Pattern

If a person tends to sleep a lot or has difficulty sleeping at night, then that person could be depressed. It happens to us every once in a while. However, if it happens very often, then that could be extremely alarming. Too much or too little sleep can have a drastic impact on a person’s mood.

Anxiety and Irritability

You tend to be anxious even with just petty things. You feel tense for no reason at all. Aside from anxiety, you also get easily angered and frustrated with just simple things and issues. There is also a shift in emotion. You will feel angry at one time and then become tearful and sad.


You have no urge to socialize with other people, even with your immediate family member. You lock yourself in the bedroom and don’t want to see other people. You shy away from your friends and relatives. You cut physical contact. You prefer to live in isolation.

Suicidal Tendencies

One of the signs of severe depression is a suicidal tendency. The person feels like his/her life is meaningless and that the best escape is to end his/her life. If you notice that your loved one shows signs of hurting himself/herself, you need to seek help right away. As much as possible, you don’t leave that person on his/her own. Take away anything that could potentially put someone’s life in danger such as sharp and breakable objects.

Depression is the killer within. It is just a simple word but has a deadly effect on someone experiencing it. It is important to know the clinical manifestations of depression so that a person can receive appropriate and timely care.